(: im not a heartbreaker :)

(sorry eh,hari ni english story.selesa sikit)
i hope to be here right now.

yes.i've been hurt again and again.and i will pretend like nothing happen.erm.i admit with this qoutes;
sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past.stop 
planning the future.stop trying to figure out 
precisely how we feel.stop deciding with our mind.
what we want is our heart to feel.sometimes we just have to go with 'whatever happens-happens'.

sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow.we must fail in order to know that sometimes our visions clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears.over and over i tried,over and over i know you lied,over and over i cried.just now,i choose to just ingore 
those memories.dear.if the time is near,then fine,i've been waiting patienly for years.fought lines in my mind.im more unstable than i fear.and i dont know,just take my hand and its time to go.so just enjoy your blue moon.it'll be over soon.so we might as well have some fun.its getting critical,takes a minutes for it set in,im unpredictable and im dying just trying to feel alive again.if the time is near,dont cry,look me in the eyes and dry your tears,have a seat,right here,while let away my sorrow.the coulds srrround us,the light leaves us alone,and the sky falls in your hand.embrace the moment cause we're headin'home.it couldn't be a sweeter end.thats what was heart trying to say.but im here to sorry him.not being a heartbreaker.he broke my heart in 30 seconds flat.just in 30 seconds flat.he hurt the sweetest thing that's on the map.now how did i,just how did i become that kind of girl.to look him and lie right in the eye.

i was mad.it's true.you hasn't told me earlier.although what happen on now,i got somethings,i gotta let him know.to fix the love now,it's impossible.but maybe baby,if we take it slow,it might happen.we can make it work.we just can't throw the love into the dirt.i was seriously deep in love with you.i didnt mean to break your heart by saying that i was mad with you.for a second,it will be something that hurt me,but i learned to fix my heart.accept your past by understanding that youre not mine before.just let break it down.broken hearts and last goodbyes.restless nights by lullabies helps make this pain go away.i realize i let you down,told you that i'd be around.building up the strengh just to say.im sorry for breaking all the promises that i wasnt around keep.you told me this time is the last time.that i will ever beg you to stay,but you're already on your own way.filled with sorrow,filled with pain.knowing that i am to blame for leaving your heart out in the rain.and i know you're going to walk away.leave me with the price to pay,before you go i wanted to say youre my only guy i ever shared my tears.

i cant make me alive on my own.but if you have to go then please dear just leave me alone.cause i dont wanna see you and going our separate ways.begging you to stay if isn't too late.fall in love or fall in hate.get inspired or be despressed.ace a test or flunk a class.make babies or makes art.speak the truth or lie and cheat.dance on tables or sit in the coner.life is divine chaos.embrace it.forgive you,and forgive my self.i breathe..and still enjoy the ride.i've been hurt by your kissing memory but i still love (:

i love u till the end,


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